This article is part of the series of “Dark Mothering” where we have decided to be brave and talk about the days of mothering that are not bright and sunny. Last post we spoke about Post Partum Depression. And this time I have picked up a topic that has been part of our lives at … More MOTHER YET SINGLE!

Depressing Motherhood – “Dealing with Post Partum Depression”

Depressing and Motherhood are usually not used together. Its like a social taboo to use anything other than the rainbow happy adjectives with motherhood. Yes, agreed. The happiness and joy is just overwhelming. I cant think of myself a day without my daughter and I have a lot to thank motherhood too. It has made … More Depressing Motherhood – “Dealing with Post Partum Depression”

Dark Mothering

Motherhood is such an amazing experience. Its life changing. Its joyous. Its unparallel. Its empowering. Its emotional. Its flabbergasting. I could go on with the adjectives and yet not be able to encompass the entire journey that motherhood is. However, there are some adjectives that are as much a reality of motherhood but are much … More Dark Mothering


We all are different individuals and we have different types of moms who brought us up. Yet, universally, moms are our favorite people on earth (barring those rebellious teenage years!!)     Why do we all love moms so much? Why is mothering such an incredible journey? Why does our bond with our moms remain … More WHY WE LOVE MOMS!