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There are innumerable tales and stories I was always swarmed with before I became a mom. Old ladies advising early motherhood, young mothers confidently stating with vindication that it’s the hardest thing to do and loads of people pointing at the wall clock and saying ,“The clock is ticking!!”. Never realy got the last one, ever!

And when I finally delivered a beautiful baby girl on 23rd Febrauary 2012 as a birthday present for my husband- we were both ecstatic and overjoyed.

But I will surely confess to one thing- I was a wreck even a day before the baby came. My hormones and emotions made me pendulum everyday inbetween the calm of hoping to be a great mom to the horrors of smothering my baby!

Today I can’t thank my stars enough for the blessing. And I am a happy mom with a smiling baby. Mission accomplished!!

What I am going to say next might sound a bit controversial, but please bear with me. I say in the best of intentions.

What makes me a happy mother is not my baby- its completely and simply only me.

I choose to be happy hence Iam.

I choose to train myself to smile as the first reaction to my daughter bruising her knee while playing instead of worrying or panicking.

I choose to be genuine about the fact that I sometimes put my baby to sleep early so that I can sip on my glass of wine in peace.

I choose to know and accept that I shall lose my temper in this rollercoaster of a ride.

I choose to cry when I wish to.

So what makes me a happy mother is that I choose to be me.

And thats where we go wrong most of the time. As mothers we are always trying to be something different. To change ourselves because O HELL!! We are moms now!!

We try to be what our mother was like or what society dictates from a “good” mother or what our best friend is with her baby.  While the simplest way to be a happy mom is simply to keep being the person you were. Everything else, even your baby, will find a way around that.

So be genuine, be accepting of your strengths and weakness and be a happy stress free mother!



  1. Happiness comes from within and its our choice….A simple but a forceful message! We tend to forget it as we go about our daily lives and this gentle remind is good and opens up the mind 🙂

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