nirvana pic

This blog is about being a stress-free mom!

I can almost see millions of ladies take a break to laugh. Stress-free and mom don’t usually go well together.

The last 3 years have kinda shown me some really ugly stressed days. And yet, I would request you to follow this blog to unravel the mysteries of how I accomplished a stress-free mothering state and am on the path of becoming…NIRVANA-MA

(Nirvana is a Sanskrit term that means an idyllic state of self where one is realized from suffering and desire. MA is of course, mother)

I apologize in advance if my blogs tend to bend more towards raising a girl child or raising a child in Indian environment because that where my experiences lie. However, I shall try to make it as globally appealing as possible.

But one thing im sure of – MOMS ARE MOMS….everywhere!

No matter which country, religion, caste, economic group or political inclination you come from- you will always want the same things all other moms want- raising a happy and healthy baby.

And i say that your baby can be happy and healthy only if you are happy- emotionally, spiritualy and mentally!!

So follow my blog and join hands with me to make the worlds largest HAPPY MOTHERS GANG!

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