10 min


These words are a living nightmare for any young mom! Packing a toddler or infant for a planned outing is anyways so tough. Imagine, short notice rush!

But let’s say you actually have 10 mins to leave for some quick date/movie/dinner plan.

Don’t hang your coat just yet. You can still make it!

Here are some useful tips:

  • Always stock up your diaper bag AFTER every outing:

The best way to make sure you are always ready is to replenish the used items in your diaper bag AFTER you reach home.

If you were out for dinner and your toddler threw up on his clothes which meant using his spare clothes in the diaper bag make sure to replace fresh spare clothes back as soon as you come back.

Packing a diaper bag in 10 mins is not only crazy, its impossible.

So if you have an up-to-date bag ready at all times making the 10 min mark doesn’t seem that difficult.

  • Put a small checklist in the diaper bag

By chance your diaper bag is not up-to-date (super-moms are humans after all), having a written checklist helps to identify the exact missing item(s) that need to be replenished.

If we have to do it from memory a frantic hurry is a sure shot way of forgetting either the sanitizer or the mosquito repellent.

Though all you lovely moms already have it all under control, I am just putting up a checklist for a diaper bag for babies to toddlers upto 5 years:

  • Sanitizer
  • Water bottle or sippy cup
  • Milk bottle (for the younger ones)
  • Washcloth
  • Spare clothes including undergarments, socks and shoes
  • Diaper (in case your kid is still using one)
  • Bib
  • Handtowel
  • Tissues
  • Meds (essential supplements and meds that you need esp for the night as toddlers tend to sleep off in the car on your way back home. So make sure you give him his meds before that!)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Small toy or book
  • Wet wipes
  • Food- in case your toddler wont eat at the restaurant. And anyways its best to have some fun food for your toddler. For a 10 min notice, easy foods to make and carry are finger foods like chicken sausage/salami, cookies, packet of chocos, toasted bread with butter, potato chips, quick fry frozen items like cheese fingers or french-fries (I shall do a section on easy to cook and pack foods some other time!)

If I have left out something, please mention in the comment section below for the benefit of all the moms!

  • Its best to dress the baby comfortably and simple:

We all love to doll up our kids, however, if the notice is just of 10 mins you can opt for something easy to slip on like a frock or shorts with crocs.

In fact, if what she is wearing will pass off as normal clothes (my lil one is usually in her undies at home!) there might not be even a need to change her.

Even though she might not have everything from head to toe color co-ordinated she will be ready to go in 10 mins.

  • Give yourself some time too:

There is nothing better than a well dressed and smart mom.

I am not a fan of the famous “mom look”.

It takes just 5 mins to slip into something nice and smart, so lets stop blaming our kids for our haggled appearance!

The best tip I can give you is :Put your baby on the potty seat (if she of that age) while you get dressed in the last 5 minutes you have left. She gets her much needed last minute pee-pee time and you can dress up in peace!

Now!Getting ready in 5 mins? Yeah right!!!!

Let me walk you through this because I have a song to remind me:

Spray my M.A.C fix+ to look fresh

Let it dry till I get dressed.

Rub a drop of serum in my frizzy hair

Splash my fav perfume without a care!

Change quickly into my jeans and top

Fix my pony into a knot.

Skip my foundation and compact

The M.A.C spray will do the impact!

Quickly put my nude eye shadow on

Match it with rose blush to look like a cool mom.

A fast stroke of liquid liner should do the trick

A hot pink lipstick gives you the extra kick!

End it with another load of M.A.C spray

Now you look good to face any day!

Wasn’t that so simple!

In ten mins you are ready to rock the night! Or day!

Now quickly grab your diaper bag, wallet, car keys and home keys and rush to the car as the stopwatch clocks TEN MINUTES!!

And ya, don’t forget your baby…she was on the potty seat!!


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