I echo Heath Ledger’s question to all the mommies……WHY SO SERIOUS!!

Baby has a bruise, contracted a flu, doesn’t eat enough or is not the top cream of his class- are these any reasons at all to have the melancholy mom look?

The bruise will heal with a few applications of some antiseptic, a flu will require lots of rest and fluids, she will ask for food when she is hungry and she might show up her talent in playing the piano instead of grades…..

You get my point right?

Take back a few emotional upheaval steps and gauge the situation….


I know and have witnessed moms who rush to the baby screaming if he as much as starts crying……

I know of people who have questioned why the mother of a flu struck child is not looking “worried enough”…..

Stop giving yourself and moms around you a hard time honey!!!

Just loosen up, shake your shoulders, deep breathe and relax!!

Most of the times if you give yourself the chance to think calmly you shall see that most of the situations with your kid doesn’t even require a reaction.

Quick question:

“If you hear a thud in the next room where your baby was playing, what is your immediate reaction?”

  • Run to the next room to see what happened
  • Start screaming “WHAT HAPPENED” while running to the next room at the speed of light
  • Keep doing what you doing and ask from where you are – “Are you ok, honey?”

Disturbing, but I know a majority of moms who go for “B”.

I know a few who do “A”.

But it’s actually “C” that you are aiming for.

If your toddler who is say probably 3-5 years is playing and you hear a thud, most likely he has tripped from a stool or probably thrown one of his toys hard on the floor. Don’t rush to conclusions and start imagining horrible mental pictures of blood and mayhem!

It’s the most difficult to master but its actually the reaction that you need to master to be a calm mother.

Children have this super fast wild sensor to gauge your every facial muscle move.

And if you are a scared hyper mom, you shall do your kid more harm than good in the long run.

Believe me, its better even for a general survival prospective.

Somebody who has control over their reactions- that’s the thing monks aim for!

And you have been given a second chance at life as a result of being a mom, to do exactly that.

So make the most of it.

Practice your reactions and don’t panic.

Even from the energy point of view, if you always live under the fear and assumption that every thud needs a reaction matching a fractured bone- you are subjecting all your energy to make that a reality.

Im sure you don’t want that! Do you?

So train your mind to be calm and not cook up crazy reactions or mental images.

You will see the benefits in manifolds, esp once you see a calm kid unroll around you.

No screaming, no hypertensive moods, no temper tantrums- what else can you wish for!!!

Loosen up,mommies!!!

Take a deep breath……OMMMMMMMMM!!!

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