Life changes after baby. Some things change for the better while some for the worse. Its not always smiles and kisses. We all have found that out the hard way!

However there are some areas that you can easily cope up with post baby. You don’t need to worry or stress over them with these easy tips and hacks.

So if you already have a baby or are about to have one, it will be good to print and paste this list up to remind you how you can make your life less complicated.

  1. Diaper Genie: There is going to be lots and lots of potty and pee. If some mom has already warned you about it, add another 2 diapers to that load and remember it!

In India we don’t have a very heavy diaper trend. We stick to cloth nappies and prefer washing them and using them. Of course, we mostly have help during early days with baby. And of course the temperatures here are just so high that a summer baby will have more sweat than pee in her diaper.

However for mommies like me in India and around the world who are the sole care-giver of your baby a diaper-genie can just make life sooooooo much more easy. It more than just disposal. Apart from saving you the trouble of packing each diaper and running to the garbage bin around 20 times a day, it also individually scents and seals the diapers making them germ and odor free.

So in case you don’t get this product in your baby shower, do make sure it is standing pretty in your nursery before your pooping machine pops out!!!

  1. Pure aloe gel: Once you have diapers you also have diaper rashes. A great advice that saved me a whole lot of trouble with dealing with rashes was pure aloe gel. Rub aloe gel EVERYDAY in the pubic area of your newborn during EACH diaper change to reduce your chances of a rash to minimal. Believe me, diaper rash babies are no fun!
  1. Almond/olive/sesame seed oil: Nothing is more important than getting regular massages as new mom and baby. In case you cant get hold of a nanny or help to massage you or your baby, give yourself a 10 min hand leg and back massage. And of course, massage your baby everyday too. If you cant trust the baby brands with massage oil, you can use pure almond oil or the most popular item in your life post baby in India- Desi Ghee (clarified butter).
  1. Post partum belt: Whatever little of my lower back has been saved post baby is due to wearing a post-partum belt regularly. It also prevents your tummy from sagging too much esp after a cesarean. But the support it provides to your lower back is unimaginable. If you have a cesarean initially the doc advises not to tuck your tummy with a belt. However once you have made your 6 week post partum visit to your gynae and there is no issue with your stitches you can wrap your lower back and stomach tightly with a cotton stole before graduating to the medical belt.
  1. Nipple cream: All first time mommies and babies struggle to get your baby to latch. No matter how much you try, there will be some cracked nipples. And unfortunately I didn’t come across any home remedy to heal them up. However the minute you start feeling your nipples are about to crack, start applying nipple cream. Mostly they are safe for feeding too. And blood oozing nipples are definitely less tasty for the baby than nipple cream!
  1. Headscarf: This is a old wives Indian tradition. Yet it has shown effects in preventing migranes, hair loss etc in later age for the mom. Since there is no harm there is nothing stopping you from trying it out. If nothing else it adds to cool quotient. Imagine feeding your baby while wearing a pirate skull headscarf!! How cool is that!!!
  1. Cotton balls: I dint realize the importance of cotton balls until I started bathing my new born. Sterilized cotton balls for washing the eyes are a must have. Majority of eye infections in new born is usually due to not washing eyes or washing with unsterilized cotton.
  1. Electric Kettle: An electric kettle and two sets of washed hand towels always were found next to my bed. This small tip that a nurse gave me at the hospital has helped me and many new moms whom I passed on this tip. Before feeding, boil some water in an electric kettle. Dip a hand towel in them. Take out the excess water and open up the hand towel. Put it on your naked breasts for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this 2-3 times. What this does is open up any knots that may be developing in the milk ducts. Talk to any new mom and painful knots in the breasts is the most common problem. Also if there are knots in your breasts, it takes more effort by the newbie to suck out milk. Hence breastfeeding and latching issues arise. If not treated knots in the breasts can become septic and require to be removed surgically. It is a bit of an effort to even give your breasts the hot towel EACH time you feed the baby, but the benefits are far-reaching both for you and the baby.

Caution: Don’t burn your hands, breasts or nipples in this process! Use the hot towel only when it reaches a temperature that can be borne by you without effort.

  1. Earphones: Its not easy waking up every 3-4 hours throughout the night to feed the baby. Make sure you have some sort of entertainment planned. Either a small TV or earphones to listen to music while you feed the baby. I cant thank Comedy Central India enough. It made me almost look forward to night time feeds!

These are some of the easy hacks that helped me when I was a clueless struggling new mommy. I hope you find some respite in them too!

Oh yes! The most important hack- SMILE!! Smile when you lock eyes with your baby while she feeds on you, smile when your baby smiles in her sleep, smile when things get overwhelming and smile in the five uneventful minutes if you ever get them!

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