I remember seeing an interview of Aishwarya Rai where she goes on to say how motherhood is “fulfilling” “satisfying” “joyous” etc. Ask her about her thoughts on her child and again its “fulfilling” “satisfying” “joyous”. What about her adjusting to being a full time mommy after baby and again she goes on to say how motherhood is….you got it right……”fulfilling” “satisfying” “joyous”.

It was much like seeing the pedophilic interview of Arnob and Rahul Gandhi where no matter what he was asked, Rahul kept saying “Women empowerment” “Development” “Momma!”

I don’t hate Aishwarya. I don’t care much about her to love or hate her. Why should I? I have enough things and people to love and hate who actually influence my life! Nor do I have anything against Rahul Gandhi. Poor guy has already got his due!

I just don’t like the fact about how we are told every single day that motherhood is the “most joyous experience ever!” Aishwarya says it, movies show it, relatives say it and heck! Every FB page of a mom seems to say it. Tis all shower and kisses and rainbows and glitter!

And the minute I move my eyes away from the TV interview or the FB feeds, an extreme other end of the spectrum reality hits me! Crying, sobbing, dirty rooms, tantrums, paint mixed into food, overflowing water bottles, mosquito bites, allergies, illness, howling and screaming!

Which part of this does Aishwaraya Rai find “fulfilling” or “satifsfying” or “joyous”.

Agreed that it’s a mix emotions journey. As tiring as motherhood is, its equally rewarding. The balance tips towards rewarding mostly otherwise nobody in their sane mind would have kids. And as a mother I recommend it totally!

But why cant we keep it real? Aishwarya is a celebrity. She is supposed to have it all in control or atleast be loyal to her profession and act like she is in control and loving it!

But what about all the non-Aishwarya Rai regular moms on FB. No pics of the dark side of mommyhood- catching sleep on the toilet seat, wanting to punch the baby sometimes, tearing your hair apart, the expression your face has reached after you say “No” to the same demand for the 100th time!

Why are all the pics we see on FB about cute loving babies with happy joyous moms declaring how motherhood is “Satifsying” “fulfilling” “joyous”. Are we cheating other moms to join the club and that’s when we will bring out the evil laughter? Or are we cheating ourselves into believing that happy is the only thing a mother can be?

Even our mothers didnt prepare us for the ugly part.

Heck! I feel cheated by Karan Johar, Man! He dint tell me its not all heaven and fairies. And all this -after I sat through “Kabhi khushi kabhi gham”! That was my level of loyalty to Bollywood! And you cheated me by bombarding images of sexy post-partum Lara Dutta and Shilpa Shetty saying that if I ate a particular digestive biscuit I could also lose the pregnancy fat!

Lies lies lies! All lies!!!!

Here is the truth plain and simple-

Motherhood is the truest roller coaster ride ever. Its fast, its nauseating, it has its ups and downs. You scream and shout. You are scared. Sometimes you laugh. Sometimes your stomach feels funny. There are moments when you want the ride to stop. And there are moments when you think you are gonna throw up.

But its over before you know it. And you come out of the ride happy and smiling and wanting to do it again!

Yes Aishwarya was completely speaking the truth when she said motherhood is satisfying, fulfilling and joyous. But its also overwhelming, heart-wrenching, scary, tricky, nauseating and tough.

Add as many adjectives through your experience as you can. They will all be true.

But one thing no one can take away or match- the journey is entirely yours. The experiences are yours. The lessons are yours. The smiles are yours. The tears are yours. The memories are yours. The pain is yours. The joy is yours. The happiness is yours.

And when you see that clean slate of a personality that was put on your chest on the delivery table blossom out to become an actual walking-talking human being declaring how his best friend is only Mommy- that joy of almost feeling like the Creator himself- THAT’S ALSO ENTIRELY YOURS!

3 thoughts on “I AM A MOTHER OF MY OWN DOING!

  1. Read a few days back..that we are always more likely to share our happy phases on FB/other such platforms….creating a sort of peer pressure on others…….holds true for moms too!! 🙂

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