Here are some great picture ads that are powerful, full of impact, creative and raise social issues.

The pics are disturbing yet these are real social issues we as Moms should be aware of!

Though i love to write but explaining these ads would be not doing them justice.

So just scroll down these pictures and see for yourself how powerfully they say a thousand words!!



#a world without color

black white

#internet predators


#separation is heavy on the kids


#guns and violence


#online predators

in fone

#pedophiles are usually known relatives


#dont just like, go ahead and volunteer!!

liking isnt helpling

#teen pregnancy

mom gonna kill me


Plakat temp

#neglected kids




p.s: Pics courtesy various blogs, ads and websites. obviously i dint make them! I hope you liked them and got thinking on these issues!

As a Nirvanama…start with your kid and…lets make the world a better place…

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