Becoming a mother is no less than being reborn.

You get a second shot at life. You can wipe your slate clean and start afresh. You get time to reflect about your past, about your present and how you want your future to unfold.

You get a second chance at redefining the person you are.  Those beady dreamy eyes bring out the best in you. You want to be the best person that you are capable of. You want your kids to learn as you set them a great example.  Your life-long wish of bringing out the best in you can come true now. Do it now.

You get a second chance at your habits. If you smoke or have any other habit you needed to get rid of, now is the best time to give it up. You are the strongest now. There will be no point in your life when you are more strong-headed than now. You have the will and the strength to wipe your vices now. Do it now.

You get a second shot at your emotions. The hot-headed screaming b**** you were becomes a gentle motherly dove. The impatient scuffling human becomes an ever-giving soul. The timid shy cat in you becomes a tigress when it comes to protecting her kid. So whichever part of your emotions you always felt needed work on, now is the time. Do it now.

You get a second chance at the rat race. Whether you are built for the rat race outside or you belong to the warmth of your home and children is something that you can decide now. The thoughts that didn’t get time to be discussed inside your own head are clearer now than ever before. You get to choose your priorities now. Do it now.

You get a second chance at happiness. What is it that really makes you tick has never been easier to answer before. Whether you like a career at office plus being a mom or you like the vision of being at home with your kids. It’s all clear now.  Do it now.

You get a second chance at hobbies. Somehow when you least have the time is when all your love for hobbies spring up. However I feel when you are so crazily busy your time management skills are heightened. So if it’s the love of watching parallel cinema you will magically have the time to do that too. You will figure out a way. So now is the time to pursue your hobbies. Do it now.

You get a second chance at a career. Even if you took a 5 year long break from work, when (and if) you decide to restart your career, you have so many options now. I know of IT specialists who became writers, Hotel management honchos who became event planners. The list is endless. You do get a second chance at building a career in something that you really like. You get a second chance at following your passions now. Do it now.

You get a second chance at relationships. Most couples would vouch for the fact that they became stronger as a couple post baby. Imagine the joy and romance of making a life-form! It’s an unparallel high. Imagine the love you will feel for the partner responsible for making life with you! Its spiritual!

You get a second shot at yourself. We as women have the privilege to get the most-coveted “second shot pass”. The point where you do take a break from life. To raise another life.It gives you time to ponder. It gives you emotions to really assess who you are. It’s a shot many other women and NO men ever get. They never get a chance to prioritize. To break free from the rat race. To wrap their heads around life- a second time around.

Hence, as mothers- feel blessed that you have been given this second shot. Thank God and your kids for giving you this chance.

I constantly hear moms get frazzled about how motherhood has made them lose who they were as a person…… Honey, getting lost might not be such a bad thing after all.

Till you don’t lose who you were, you can’t rediscover yourself.

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