“She is buying her stairway to heaven” is a popular song by Led Zeppelin that was my favourite back then! Though this song denounces attributing things like love and emotions to riches, all mothers would readily agree with me that we would love to buy some peace if we can. Wont we?

Hence I thought I would list out a few things that make sense in buying for the simple reason that they give you loads of peace and convenience as a mother.

So moms! Get a little materialistic and spend a few bucks on the following to become NIRVANAMA:

  1. Cot/bed side protectors: Not only for our convenience, putting a baby to sleep in a bed that is protected is very important. Esp when she has just learnt to crawl. Sometimes the lone pillow is not enough to prevent a fall.I know from experience L

its ok if you don’t want to invest in an expensive wooden cot. You get a net walls travel cot too that I picked up from Mothercare for ¼ th price of a wooden cot. And you can even fold it and take it anywhere with you!

If you still think it would create space crunch to get a cot, get one of these bed railings that make sure your infant doesn’t roll over and goes under the bed!

Well slept baby= happy mother!

best-toddler-bed-safety-rails travel cot

  1. Baby monitor: It is not very popular in India as we usually don’t have double storey houses and can see our kids room most of the time. However, there is nothing more satisfying and peaceful than knowing that you can hear your baby all the time. I recommend going in for a video one that allows you to see the baby too. My brother had gifted me one from the US of A and it was great help for me to just go to the other room and watch TV while I could see my baby sleeping on the monitor.

Being able to watch over your baby virtually is just so close to Nirvana!

  1. Diapers: Though in India we have a trend of cloth napkins for early baby, I had stuffed my infant into a diaper for first 8 months and then started potty training her. I had no help and washing about 20 cloth napkins each time the baby peed made no sense to me. I just had to be extra careful about rashes but rest of the time was sheer convenience and peace! So all new moms who are on their own, don’t let the thought of washing and cleaning 20 cloth napkins a day bother you- the diapers nowadays are just as good!

No-filth baby is such a delight!

  1. Organic food- Though a little bit expensive, I had started my baby on Organic food. Her basic pulses and grains and salt and sugar were all organic. Considering the amount of food pollution, I dint want lead or mercury to be the first thing reaching my baby’s stomach when I started giving her solids. I don’t know if it really helped her or not, but it surely did give me peace of mind!
  1. Temple thermometer: It is just harrowing to take the temperature of a sick crying baby. The usual armpit thermometers just aren’t baby friendly. Hence I got this temple thermometer that you just need to place on the forehead for a few seconds. And that’s it! Convenient right?


  1. Saucer: A saucer is something like a walker but without wheels. Nowadays anyways walkers are banned in many countries. My baby was entertained for hours when I would put her in her saucer to play. I started a little late (around 1.5 years) but the minute your baby is standing, you can introduce her to the world of saucers! She will love it! Its super safe! And you will have many hours free for yourself! Peace personified!


  1. Anti-skid booties: All of my baby booties and socks had those rubber tiny dots on their undersurface. Though not fool-proof, they do prevent your newly walking baby to fall too often. I still have anti-skid socks for my daughter at 3 years! Less hurt means more peace for the mom, doesn’t it.

anti skid

  1. Hook-on seat: Though I had a proper feeding chair for my baby, I felt it occupied too much space and was useful once she turned 2. I have frankly hardly used it. My daughter would always want to sit with mom and dad at the dinner table and not in a separate chair. I feel the alternate to that are these hook on seats that occupy less space and basically allow the baby to feel like she is sitting exactly like mom or dad. Eating with a happy baby- Nirvana again!


  1. Teething rusks: I am not a fan of soothers or teethers. I have not used them for a single day for my baby. I have heard harrowing stories about getting rid of soothers habit too! I was introduced to teething rusks by my friend and I cant thank her enough for that. They are eatable rusks that the teething infant can keep chewing on. It is a pain-relief for the baby as well. And that is a relief for mums for sure!


  1. Car seat: Unfortunately in India there is not a trend of car seats. However, I feel that car seats should not be a trend. It should be a rule!! Nothing is safe for your kid other than a car seat. Sitting with her in your lap in the backseat also is no good. She needs a car seat. Period!

And once you have started that habit young, its beneficial for later years when she is sitting independently and you don’t have to carry her in your lap. Safety and convenience sake- whichever you choose- please pick up a car seat.

  1. I-pad: Yes yes mommies…call me a bad mom….but I do give my daughter some screen time. Especially when I want to sip on my cup of green tea in peace!
  1. Her favourite hobby toy: My daughter loves to paint. So most of her toys are centered around that- sponge painting, water colors, pencil colors, painting books, brushes etc. she can spend hours coz she loves to paint. Whatever it is that your toddler is crazy about- stack it up! And then just relax! Its ok if your baby is not yet crazy about any particular thing. He will figure it out soon! And then you can stack it up!

You don’t need to panic about buying all these things in one go! As she grows up, you can keep adding it to her collection. And in return get a few minutes of legs-up-on-table-sipping-coffee time!

To be Nirvana-ma, apart from happiness I have realized that convenience is a key factor. So spend a few bucks on the list above and come join our gang of NIRVANA-MAs!!!

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