VISUAL chicken soup for moms

Anyone who has read any chicken soup series book will vouch for the positivity and inspiration each story brings to them. Recently i read “Chicken soup for the new mom’s soul” and i was just flabbergasted (again) by the power of a mom!

I thought of why not say it in pictures…..

Here is a compilation of some heart touching pictures of moms…they are inspiring, touching and positive….

when the going gets tough and you pull your hair apart and wonder why you took on this journey of motherhood…just glance through these images:

  1. Nothing is as empowering, powerful and emotional as breast-feeding. All moms say YEAH!!!


2. A mom-daughter tattoo that sums it all up


3. A photo with a great impact!


4. If i had the last bite left, i would give it to you my baby!

images (2)

5. One of the most powerful mom-child photos i have seen.


6. Just one word- SALUTE!


7. Mom reunited with baby after two years! i can only imagine!


8. Mom becomes surrogate for daughter! Awww….i just love this one!


9. And i would end by dedicating it to the greatest MOM the world has known! A visit to her “Nirmal Hriday” childrens’ home at Kolkatta would transform your life anyday!


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