We all makes mistakes. To err is human.

Then as mothers why are we expecting perfection both from us and our kids?

I just got a forward from one of my friends that motherhood is not about how many classes your kids go to or how many cars you have or how many holidays you went for. Motherhood is simply your journey with your child.

And in a journey like this you are meant to make mistakes. All you can do is have the best of intentions and keep your child’s benefit as your core, but you are bound to screw up.

I believe that if I mess up my child 20% by my own doing I think I did a fine job. Cause it means that my baby is 80% fine.

Again “right” “correct” “fine” are relative terms and what is right for your baby might not be so for mine.

What I am saying is mistakes are something very important. It’s a way of introducing something new.

If Columbus hadn’t made a mistake while calculating his navigation route he would not have discovered America.

Look at it this way, if you did everything perfect, to the best of your capability, exactly 100% all the time….. you would be creating another YOU!

No chance of a change!

“Mistakes” is something Nature has used since the very beginning to “improve”.

These mistakes called “mutations” are what is responsible for evolution of species. If DNA didn’t make mistakes while being copied, we would still have only apes roaming the earth. No existence of humans whatsoever.

To be able to evolve, it’s essential to make mistakes!

So moms be proud of your mistakes. They are in the best of intentions.

Of course I don’t mean leaving your child hanging on a clothes hook or forgetting the baby in the stroller at the mall. I don’t mean you to be arrogant and haughty and just say, “its ok. Its only a mistake. Deal wih it!!”

But as long as you giving it your 100% (note, I said YOUR 100%…its different from your friends’ or sisters’ or mother’s 100%), don’t worry too much about “what if I screw up!”

You will screw up.

You should screw up.

That’s how you will discover new things. That’s how your child will go beyond what you were capable of.

So do the best that you can. Don’t worry about the goof ups on the way.

Coz when moms make mistakes, they are not mistakes…they are “mom-stakes”- the chances that a mom took to do the best for her baby.

These chances might have fallen flat enough to be labeled as a mistake…but they were an essential part of the journey called Motherhood.

So be a Nirvanama.

Be a proud “mom-staker!!”

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