Now that I have your attention….lets me start with a spoiler!! I am not going to post any link to any Japnese Adult Anime…so sorry!! Instead this is a fun Sunday post about how all the animations claiming to be kids’ movies are nothing short of horror movies!

I love Disney animations. Lets just be clear about that. Finding Nemo, Lion King, Lego movie and Despicable Me are movies I can watch reruns of anytime!

Yet as many other moms have also felt, these are stories that are too strong to be handled by young toddlers. Let me explain:

  • Lion king: Father dies in front of the son! Not the first plot which comes to my mind when I say Kid’s movies!
  • Finding Nemo: Baby fish gets kidnapped by “giant evil men”….my daughter was howling!
  • Aladdin: Rampant with kidnapping and weird monsters….dont want nightmares for the baby!
  • Monsters Inc: Well…..its again about monsters!!!Who make a living by making sleeping babies cry!!! Really???!!!!!
  • Tangled: An evil witch for a mom….ehh…no thanks!
  • Big Hero: Brothers dies in a fire….my daughter can live without knowing about death at this age..esp in a fire…..
  • Toy Story: Abandoned toys feeling bad…..I am sorry..but cleaning up cupboard and throwing/donating old toys has never been an easy task after my bub watched toy story….Consequence? all dolls with one arm and one eye are preserved! My house looks like a dump yard!!
  • Sleeping Beauty: Step mom gives poisioned apple! Ummmm…not my idea of happiness!
  • Wall E: Earth has been destroyed and all people are fat and obese….well that’s something my daughter should know..its the near future really!
  • Bambi: Mother killed!!!! NO freaking way!
  • Ratatouille: A rat can cook..its ok to have a rat in the kitchen….No….according to Hygiene 101
  • The Jungle book: Boy gets lost in the forest and parents are eaten by a Tiger! Waaat!!!


I know we all grew up watching these movies! I don’t in fact remember the age when I was introduced to them…the earliest one I remember is when I was probably 7…..did I watch one of these earlier…did it affect me in anyway? who  knows?

But most moms would agree with me when I say that the Kids tag in these movies becomes quiet questionable.

What do you say moms? Leave a comment below and become part of  my Happy Mothers Gang!

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