As a mom we are already under so much pressure. It seems like we have the weight of the whole world! Kids, home, office, health, kitchen, finance- as a modern mom we are everywhere! Sometimes it is maddening.

And add to it the constant blackmailing bombarded on us. Have you noticed? Just switch on the TV and you will see what I am saying.

Add a growth booster to the milk or your kid will not be healthy or tall!

Light up your house with XYZ repellant or else dengue mosquitoes will enter.

Use only this soap or else germs will remain in your kid’s hand.

The Ad world has got it perfect when it comes to selling against fear.

Selling against fear is one of the strongest selling mantra. Pick up any good marketing book and “selling against fear” is the number one sales technique. Get your customer all worked up and worried about something. And then when they are all scared about it, swoop in with this “great” solution you have! The customer will feel like you have rescued him from a life-threat! You are sure to make a sale then.

Having run a small laboratory equipment marketing company in the past, I know this is one of the surest ways of making a sale.

So the Ad world is basically doing business. They need to sell. Hence they come up with these strategies.

But as a mom, I am so sick of this blackmailing.

I realized how much it can weigh onto you when I was made to see a stem cell storing video during pregnancy. They have these tie ups with maternity hospitals where they masquerade as pre-natal health session and get all eager moms to sign up. Once they make you do some basic yoga steps and have a 5 minute seminar on getting back into shape after delivery, they jump into business. A 45 minute long video talking about stem cells. You might think they will tell you the science and great success stories. Yet, all they did was hint that babies usually end up with terminal diseases and die!

I felt furious! Did they just blackmail 6 months pregnant hormonally cuckoo women who were anyways getting the jitters about the quickly approaching big day? Really! Thats the game plan? To get your few thousands?

Again as per business, its absolutely a bang on technique. As an ex-businesswoman, I would applaud this foolproof method.

However, as a mom I am against blackmailing.

So please stop scaring me about how my kid will not be healthy enough if he doesn’t eat your brand, how other kids will outshine him if he doesn’t join your school, how he will be happy only if he gets your toys, how he will fall sick if I don’t use your brand of repellants.

I am against blackmailing moms.

I cant stop business houses from selling. And I am not against that actually. Businesses should flourish. It’s a direct way of making a progressive nation.

Hence I have decided to train myself to block out blackmailing. Its much like training yourself to block out negativity. Whenever you are around negative people or are part of discussion full of negativity, you need to zone out. Be there. Don’t comment or show anybody down. Just zone yourself out.

That’s why whenever I see mother-blackmailing ads on TV, I have trained myself to shut it out. I have ingrained in my mind permanently that these Ads are doing their job. They are not telling a true story!

Yes yes I know there is dengue. There are pedophiles. There are safety issues. There are health issues. And I am doing my best to do my best.

Sometimes I will succeed and sometimes I will fail. But one thing I know for sure-

When it comes to mothering, fear and negativity will get me nowhere.

So, blackmailing me might not be the answer anymore dear Ads. Please come up with an alternate strategy. Coz I am now above your blackmailing…

I am a Nirvanama!

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