You know that Sundays at NIRVANAMA are either about fun posts or laid back relaxed thoughts.

since i spent the weekend relaxing to some select songs that just lift my spirit and brighten my soul….i thought i shall share them with my HAPPY MOTHERS GANG! (apologies in advance if this post takes more time than usual to load. it has many videos..hence….)

Some of them remind me of college, some of today, some inspire me about the future…..but all of them just tug at my heart!

This post is about English music. But even if you are not into english music, i would recommend listening to them. They are just so soothing….

Welcome to my world of NIRVANA music 🙂

Rockstar by Nickelback

USP: The video is amazing. and it talks about a carnal truth we all live by- We all want fame and success like Rockstars!!

My best days are ahead of me by Danny Gokey

USP: Just so inspiring. Especially at this crossroads of life when sometimes i feel the lack of direction after leaving job, business and career. This song is my mornign alarm! Just help me get out of bed with a happy spring!

Come away with me by Norah Jones

USP: Goes well with wine!

Superman by Five for Fighting

USP: Oh just so deep! Love this song. Have shared it in a previous post too!

Its Ok by Junkyard Groove 

USP: Great song by an Indian Rockband. Just gets me into the mood to tango!

Soul sister by Train

USP: A peppy catchy song that lifts your mood!

Im Yours by Jason Mraz

USP: Any song that uses words like “Reckon” and “Divine Intervention” does it for me!

Something Stupid by Robbie William and Nicole Kidman

USP: Say something stupid like I love you– just so beautiful!

Just enjoy the show by Lenka

USP: Oh my mantra in life…just enjoy the show. have shared this one too in an earlier post.

Bring me to life by Evanescence

USP: Something as meaningful that says “WAKE ME UP INSIDE, BRING ME TO LIFE” is my kinda song!

This was my playlist for the weekend and I had a great time listening to it.

Lemme know what you think!

Happy Sunday , my Happy Mothers’ Gang!

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