Imagine your favorite movie. The one that comes on TV for the 12th time and you still watch it with full fervor. You cry when the hero cries. You get involved in all the action scenes. You are blown away by the twist always. You silently applaud the creativity of the team that made that fine movie. It’s like you live that movie every time you see it.

Are you in that frame of mind? Are you feeling what you feel when your favorite movie is screening?

Now, just replace yourself with your toddler. And replace your movie with life.

Yes, your toddler lives her life exactly the way you live your movie madness.

Of course I am using movies as an example because I am a movies buff. But if movies don’t get you ticking…you can get in the frame of mind by using whatever gets you going….art, music, dancing, working out…..anything!

Logic loses you when you do your favorite thing. So is the case of your toddler who is exploring her favorite thing- life!

You experience emotional upheaval while doing what you are passionate for. So does your toddler who is so passionate about life.

The smallest of the details catch your eye about your favorite thing. Your toddler is also observing life with that level of detailing.

You can’t express the exact reason why you love that movie. It is so overwhelming. So can’t your toddler. Life is overwhelming for her too.

Even if you have watched that movie 10 times, each time you find out something new about it. So does your child who finds out something new about life too, everyday!

You can’t contain your excitement each time you see that movie. So can’t your child each day he wakes up to face his new day in life!

You don’t want to be disturbed when you want to focus on your absolutely favorite scene. So does your child when he is trying to learn some life skill.

You can watch the movie over and over again on rerun. Your toddler can also live the same day over and over again in life. Everyday.

So whenever your toddler behaves weirdly, talks loudly or asks unjustifiably don’t be embarrassed or rude to him. He is just living his favorite blockbuster!

(Photo courtesy: NYmetroparents)

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