As many of you have guessed, the title of today’s post is a modified version of our Preamble to the constitution of India.

We live in a country with diverse cultures and religions. It’s not easy.

If you have friends hailing from a one-religion dominant country, you must have also experienced the awe with which they hear your tales of India having so many cultures, dialects and religion

The day Manmohan Singh was sworn in as Prime Minster we made proud headlines with how “A Sikh prime minister, belonging to a party headed by a Christian lady was being sworn in by a Muslim President to rule a nation with Hindu majority!”

Unfortunately, from that statement we have now come down to lynching and sacrilege!

How did it happen? Have we suddenly changed overnight? Is it really religion based?

It might have been given the external wraps of religion, but what all this is stemming from is one horrible trait I see cropping up strongly in society nowadays- INTOLERANCE.

Whether its somebody beating up a neighbor because he cooked beef or its some mom making derogatory comments on how tight some other mom’s clothes are- they all stem from intolerance.

And as long as there is intolerance, we can’t form a peaceful society!

We might be seeing lynching now and calling it inhuman and unreal!

However, as mothers we are being lynched since ages. And by our own peers!!!

That is why, even though it’s the most rewarding and highest form of service- motherhood is always so tough.

Forgive me for sounding rude, but we are making our own peers’ journey tough by constantly judging, commenting and being condescending of other mothers’ choices.

Today at Nirvanama, I appeal every mother to start becoming tolerant towards other mothers.

We owe it to our peers to be happy mothers living in a judgement free society so that they can raise happy kids!

What other moms wear. How they decide to raise their kids. Whether they chose to work or stay at home. If they go for a party leaving a babysitter behind. If they choose to give up everything and be at home with the kids. Whether they wear short dresses or long sarees.

Lets be tolerant and accepting of each other.

Lets agree to disagree.

Lets accept styles of mothering which are different from ours.

Lets extend support to each and every mom that we know.

Lets not be communal. Lets be communicative!

Lets be one huge HAPPY MOTHERS GANG!

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