Before you declare me crazy, just hear me out!

Kill Bill is known for ghore and violence. I know! Just coz of that I dont have it on repeat play on my TV all the time. My toddler doesnt need to see it at this age!

But that doesnt change the fact that I am a big fan of the Tarantino brothers, of Beatrix Kiddo, of the soundtrack of Kill Bill and everything Kill BIll is about.

However, when i saw it for the Nth time yesterfday while my baby was in playschool, I realised how I saw the last few minutes of the movie in a new light- as a parent. And its some good goddamn parenting there!

For those who haven’t seen the movie yet….well …..a) drop everything and watch it! and b) please go back to your planet! 🙂

Tarantino movies’ plots can be explained..yet I will try to just sum up…..

Beatrix (Uma Thurman) is part of a gang of the finest assasins that are there. Bill is their head. When she realises she is pregnant (with Bill’s child), she decides to give it all up. She feigns her death and starts a fresh life. She finds her a good boy and decides to marry him. However BIll tracks her down and kills her at the altar. All his gang members are part of the conspiracy.

Beatrix escapes death but ends up in a coma. She wakes up after a few years and decides to KILL BILL! The whole movie (there are two parts actually) is about how she trains herself to come back and kill bill and all her other gang members.

Obviously the whole movie is about blood, ghore, violence, amazing dialouges and horrible deaths! But when she finally reaches to kill bill, she is shocked with a surprise! The child she was carrying is actually alive. she is now a four year old girl that Bill has brought up very lovingly! That is where the whole parenting angle starts.

Let me just show you the scene where she is all armed to kill Bill and finally be at peace, but ends up in a shock to see her baby. Beautifully directed, conceptualized and acted, but even better parenting shown…just watch it (forgive me for ads..its a youtube clip):

Now this lady is carrying this weight of revenge and anger against BIll for four years! Yet, in front of the kid they dont fight. They place the kid superior than their own problems.

We cant hold our anger for an evening! We need to download and make snide comments right there in front of our toddler. a toddler who we think doesn’t understand and is not listening…but believe me you! she knows everything!

A second lovely scene about parenting is an issue I have been tackling with at my end- To tell your kid about life and death. My daughter has now started asking me why she doenst have a paternal grandmother (my husband lost him mom very young). and i sometimes struggle to break the idea of death TO her…….

KILL BILL has the answer…another beautiful concept of how parenting instincts are universal..even if you are an assassin!

And thirdly, my other favorite scene is about how these two assasins end up resolving their problems. She does kill him in the end…so probably you dont want to take it till there, but the way they talk out their issues….thats the take we should all pick up from this scene:

When Beatrix asks him why he tried to kill her…BIll says, “I overreacted!”

Epic! its just epic!

Motherhood is a universal feeling. No matter which caste, color, race, creed, country, profession you belong to…you love your child and want to raise him to the best of your capabilities.

We have a very strong motherly instinct to guide us. Sometimes we need help. For that there is KILL BILL!

Hope you enjoyed the extrapolation to parenting from a ghory movie like KILL BILL. If nothing else, atleast I hope you will end up watching the movie. Coz taking out a few hours to yourself- thats NIRVANAMA!

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