We all are different individuals and we have different types of moms who brought us up. Yet, universally, moms are our favorite people on earth (barring those rebellious teenage years!!)



Why do we all love moms so much? Why is mothering such an incredible journey? Why does our bond with our moms remain undeterred despite ups and downs?

Well, let’s see:

  1. Moms are a universal law: When I started my studies in science, there were some great laws of physics that were called universal laws. They were true no matter where you set up your experiments. Same is the case with Mothering. Mothers and offsprings have the same bond. A bond that surpasses geographical, cultural, racial boundaries. Whether you are an Eskimo living in Iceland or a member of the Kalahari tribe of Africa- your mom is your one stop shop for everything.

Moms are a universal phenomenon of love.”


  1. Moms make the world go round: No matter what your reason was for having kids, once you have them you want to recreate the moments you had with your mom. If your mom baked all day, you wish to do the same. If your mom specialized in fantastic birthday parties, you wanna do the same for your kids.

Moms are the reasons we want to be moms”


  1. Moms develop human beings: Whether you are a stay at home or a working mom, the most important job that occupies your mind is to how to bring up a fine human being. You have such powers to sculpt the personality of the little being placed in your hands that you can (almost) feel like God when you see your hard work translate into a human with certain traits and characters. You are given a plain blueprint in form a tiny creature. You are responsible for the type of house it grows up to be!

Moms put color in the canvas God gave them.”


  1. Moms are the epitome of unconditional love: We all chase love in our lives. We wish to end up with relations where there is unconditional love. However we forget that we are surrounded by unconditional love right from day one in the form of our moms. We realize how much our moms did for us only when we have kids. Yet, our moms never let us know what they did or sacrificed for us.

Moms tell us what love is all about.”


  1. Moms are all about positivity and smiles: In a recent ad I saw, there were a group of toddlers who were questioned what their moms did for them when they cried. The answers ranged from hugging me to making me smile with funny faces. However, when asked what they did for their moms when their moms cried the unanimous answer was “My mom doesn’t cry!”

Moms let us grow in a space devoid of pain and tears.”


  1. Moms make us believe in superhumans: Whether its continental, Chinese, Italian or Indian cooking all we need to do is tell our mom and she makes it all! How our rooms get cleaned or how there is no ounce of dirt in our house even after a storm will always remain a mystery. Moms are ready to play with us even after working non-stop from 9-5. Moms are always up and about, full of energy, ready to make us happy.

Basically moms show us that superhuman stories are true!”


  1. Moms embody the principle of “Vasudeva Kutumba”: There is a principle in the Vedas that says that “the whole world is my home” (Vasudeva Kutumba.)

Moms personify this principle coz

No matter where you are, you shall always find home in the heart of your mom!”


So if you are a new mom wondering why you took the plunge, an old mom, a would-be mom scared about parenting, a son, a daughter or just somebody struggling with everyday life- go give your mom a tight hug. Respect her for what she did for you coz nobody could have done more. Love her for how much she loved you coz nobody can love you more. Cherish her for what she is coz nobody can be more!


(Image courtesy: http://www.paintingsilove.com)

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