Being a mom changes so much of your personality, lifestyle, choices, priorities and what not!

Here is a fun list of things that seep down so much into your subconscious that they are unique to only moms!!

Read on and if you have something to add to my list…please leave a comment! We all need a good laugh, don’t we?

Son and daughter hanging on Super Hero Mom strong arms

You know you are a Mom when:

  1. You carelessly punch in the cartoon TV channel whenever you switch on the TV (even if your kids are not home!!)
  2. You start counting vanilla ice cream as a “wholesome” meal!
  3. Your teenage cousin mentions a boy and the first mental picture that comes to you is a toddler on a potty seat!
  4. You practice tip toeing all day (it will come in use in exiting the room after baby goes to sleep!)
  5. You are on a lunch date with your besties and you tell your gal pal to pass you the “mum mum”
  6. The only place where you can think about other stuff is the commode!
  7. You cant remember the last time you got down and dirty with your partner!
  8. Getting up at 8 am seems like winning the Battle of Waterloo!
  9. You wait all day to get some “me” time but hate the silence when you get it!
  10. You hate being at home and hate going to work too!
  11. You start calling your partner “papa”
  12. You feel dirty if someone makes a pass at you (you are a mom now!!!)
  13. Wine becomes your best friend!
  14. You can eat only if you are watching “Chotta bheem”
  15. You shudder at the thought of a wet diaper during winters (taking off 11 layers of clothing to put on a diaper is just menancing!)
  16. You don’t cringe at the thought of wiping a dripping nose with your sleeves!
  17. You start feeling uneasy if you get more than 3 minutes of shower time!
  18. You can act dead if a your sleeping toddler happens to open eyes for a second and make eye contact with you
  19. You start saying “No” a lot
  20. You get that fake “ I am so patient that I will explain things to you” tone
  21. Normal adult English grammar starts feeling unfamiliar!


Be a Nirvanamaa !


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  1. Hahaha. Here are 2 more : when you know all the nursery rhymes by heart instead of latest music videos. When you started talking phonetically as in c..a..t.. For cat.☺

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