Motherhood is such an amazing experience. Its life changing. Its joyous. Its unparallel. Its empowering. Its emotional. Its flabbergasting.

I could go on with the adjectives and yet not be able to encompass the entire journey that motherhood is.

However, there are some adjectives that are as much a reality of motherhood but are much less spoken or talked about- painful, exhausting, (post partum) depressing, helplessness etc.

Motherhood has been painted in such vivid bright and loving colors by society, media and bizhouses that its almost taboo to disucss the “DARK SIDE OF MOTHERING”

As a Nirvanama, you should be clear to know the downsides of mothering so that you can enjoy the upsides even more. Its always best to know the whole deal to be able to enjoy the whole deal and not be taken by surprise! Believe me, even our mothers don’t pass on the “downs” of mothering to us. Its all about bright sunny happy days!

However, not talking about it doesn’t mean its not there.

So lets be strong gals! Lets be brave and talk our heart out about Dark Mothering

The issues I shall be covering the coming articles are listed. Please feel free to leave any topic I might have missed out in the comment box or email me at

  1. Post partum depression
  2. Lack of family support
  3. Emotional and physical exhaustion
  4. Dealing with too much advice/suggestions/criticism
  5. Living in constant fear about the well being of our kids
  6. Having a differently abled child
  7. Those horrible days of sickenss and hospitals
  8. Having siblings that hate each other
  9. Having kids who are unappreciative of you

We all go through one or more of these issues during our journey as a mother. And its best to talk about these and what we can do to overcome those painful moments.

Coz motherhood is not always about tears of joy. Its also about real, painful tears running down our cheeks so many times.

An ode to those latter tears that are too taboo to be talked about which makes them even more miserable!

Nirvanamas- lets talk about and support our sisters in pain. And let them know that its real, its there- but the pain of motherhood is too small in front of the gain of motherhood.

Before I start my series of “Dark mothering” articles over the next few days, lets start by saying:

Cheers to moms!

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