A child’s health is always a cause of concern in moms. Until the age of 5, kids keep falling ill so often. And each time they do, our heart sinks and we get anxious no matter how many years into motherhood we might be.

I freak out every other day too. And its perfectly okay if you do too. There is no mother who can fight anxiety when her kid is unwell. It just creeps in. However over the years I have found some simple ways that do help to deal with your anxiety. And am sharing those with you. Hope these simple tips help you cope up with some anxiety related to your kids.

  1. Believe in the power of breastmilk: There is nothing as powerful in this whole wide world as breastmilk is. No medicine is as potent as breastmilk. No illness is beyond the reach of breastmilk. If you have an infant below 6 months of age, you can be rest assured that even if they fall ill, they will recover quickly if you are exclusively  breastfeeding them. Even later on in life, the immunity conferred to a child who has been breastfed is phenomenal. I am not saying that breastfed babies don’t fall ill. They do. But they have the capacity to recover really quick. If your baby is unwell, the breastmilk changes its composition and gets loaded with antibodies that will help your infant fight off the disease. There is now research coming up that talks about how a feedback mechanism works between your baby and your breastmilk. The minuscule amount of your baby’s saliva that touches your nipples during breastfeeding is absorbed by your body. This saliva acts as a sample for your body to check your babies health. And based on the feedback your body gets through this saliva, it changes the composition of breastmilk to help your baby fight any illness s/he might be facing. Thats the power of breastmilk! So listen to your doc when she tells you the benefit of 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and give it an honest and good try. It just works wonders.
  2. Believe in the power of water: Even if your kids have not had the luxury of 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, its really not the end of the world. There are many other factors that will help him. Water is another miracle substance. Infants below 6 months cant have water, but you sure can. So load yourself up with lots and lots of water. Water is a magic element that can flush out any toxins from your body. And if your body is toxin-free so will be the body of your breastfeeding baby. If your kid is beyond the 6 month mark and has started water, ensuring good amount of safe drinking water through out her life will keep many diseases at bay for her too.
  3. Believe in the power of yoga: There is no age too young to start yoga. Even a 2 year old can be part of your yoga sessions and do whatever little she can. Yoga is something that will not only build a sound body but also a sound mind and soul! So there is no need to emphasise on the benefits of yoga.  If you have not started yoga. Do it now! And if your kid has not started yoga, hook her on today! It is not only a good cure for many illness but also the best prevention.
  4. Believe in the power of chant: If you are not a religious person like me you probably think of chanting as only restricted to God’s name. However, chanting is not only taking God’s name. It is about saying words that immediately bring positivity in our body, mind and soul. It could be the simple chanting of “Om” or “Hey Ram” or “Allah” or “Waheguru” or “Jesus” or whatever it is that gives you power and positivity (probably even your kid’s name!!). When down,depressed or anxious chant the word that gives you most power infinite number of times. It will surely  uplift your mood and give you the fighting attitude you need as a mom on a daily basis.
  5. Believe in the power of projection: Projection is a wonderful concept that can trick your mind into becoming happy and stress-free. Whenever your kids are unwell, cook up a mental image of the future where they are healthy and happy and playing around as they would on any given normal day. Project this image in my mind many times a day. Your mind is fooled into believing that it is the present reality. There are numerous studies and research which speaks about the power of the mind. Diseases like cancer can be cured with the power of the mind. So a child’s cough and cold is really nothing! Try projection next time your kids fall ill. You will see it works wonders. Of course, you need to truly believe in the projection you are feeding your mind. If you have an ounce of doubt in your heart, your mind wont be fooled!
  6. Believe in the power of company: Usually if we are alone we tend to get more anxious. I find calling a friend or family over if I am alone and one of my kid’s falls ill. It not only provides emotional support, it also makes trip to the hosptial/doctor easier to manage if someone is around with you.
  7. Believe in statistics: Last but not the least, when nothing seems to get my mind off my sick child and my hypochondria has got the better of me, I just believe in statistics. One of my paediatric friend once told me that out of 1000 kids coming to her usually just 1 is really unwell that requires medicines. The other kids just get well on their own even if she doesn’t prescribe any medicine. And out of 1 lakh kids coming to her just 1 is ever seriously ill to be admitted to a hospital. So, in short, if your kid falls ill one lakh times then only once do you really need to worry!! The stats are so much in your favour. Believe in them!

Of course as moms a life without anxiety is not ever guaranteed. However going through these 7 points will surely alleviate the stress you take each time your kid falls ill. And with practise, sick days wont be as depressing as they used to be!

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