Google has one of the most interesting stories about how it was set-up. Two grad students at Standord, Brin and Page, changed the way internet is used today by developing this amazing search engine. So much so that Google is now a verb.

If we don’t know the answer to something we just advise our friends to “Google it.”

Google seems to know it all!

However Google is actually just a tool. Its a web-crawler that matches your search terms with the vast data on the internet and publishes the best matches for you.

Google is a software. And like any other product, there are also ideal ways to use it to its optimum. It is not a psychic telepath who can read your mind. Nor is it an individual with a brain sitting inside your computer.

Google has some codes and programming it runs by. It searches the web based on some algorithm. To use Google to the best of its potential its good to have some working knowledge about the algorithm Google uses. For e.g., did you know that Google does not use articles (a, an, the) and conjunctions (and, if, but) in its searches. This was done to increase the speed of searching the net.

That is why typing full sentences like “How to make my 4 month old baby girl sleep through the night?” is as good as searching “ 4 month baby sleep throughout night” because finally it is these keywords that Google uses to search for your earlier long sentenced question. Needless to say using a question mark at the end of the sentence is also not going to get you better results! Unlike your husband, Google is not confused by whether you are asking or informing!

The other day I was thinking about mothering and how it shares stark similarities with Google.

Though mothering is the most natural thing that comes to us when we deliver a baby, we are also lost at many points. There are innumerable blogs, books and online resources about various aspects of mothering.

But if mothering is such a natural thing then why are parenting books and blogs one of the biggest selling businesses in the world? Why do parenting related searches top the list of internet searches?

Its because most of us don’t know the software by which mothering runs. Just like when you know Google as a software and know its codes you end up using it better than anybody else, same goes for mothering.

We are forgetting the basic rules governing mothering. We are unaware of the evolution of motherhood. We know nothing bout the wiring in mothers’ brain that guides them through the journey.

Hence we are not able to optimise this process and turn to Google for help!

Mothering is a pure skill. It is supposed to flow in you once you become a mom. Look at other mammals- dogs, cats, wolves, elephants- they all mother without Google. And they do an equally good job as us. That is why their species is surviving and is not extinct yet! So clearly you don’t need external guidance when it comes to mothering.

But then why do we? Its because we, humans, have been actually so conditioned by outwardly rules and society that we have lost touch with our pure inner self.

At some point or the other haven’t you all wished that our kids came with a manual?

Well, guess what!! They do. And its called MATERNAL INSTINCT.

Its just that we don’t tap into our instincts because the voice of our instincts gets drowned by outwardly rules, society, advice, suggestions and various other external stimulus including random posts about mothering we read on Facebook.

All the books and searches we do will be in vain if we know how to keep the conditioned mind out of our mothering process. If we know how to tap our maternal instinct. If we don’t let the voice of our instinct die.

But this requires guts. Because many a times our instinct tells us stuff that is contradictory to popular belief and societal theories.

But mothers are strong and would do anything to raise their kids well, won’t we

So lets promise ourselves that we will allow our maternal instincts to guide us. We will follow them to a T. We will train our hearts and minds to block outwardly conditioned stimuli and bring up our kids based on our pure instincts.

However this brings up many questions:

How do we do this? What really is instinct? Is it true all the time? What does it mean to tap into our instincts? How do we keep away from conditioned thoughts and stimuli?

One post will be too short to do justice to the power of maternal instinct. So follow me as I continue with more posts about this topic. Come join me as I embark this journey of discovering, analysing and incorporating maternal instinct into our lives.

Till then, let your “gut feeling” guide you and rule you. It is your best companion in your journey of motherhood. Make it your best friend.

We will talk more in the next post……?

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