• This blog is about being a stress-free mom! I can almost see millions of ladies take a break to laugh. Stress-free and mom don’t usually go well together. The last 3 years have kinda shown me some really ugly stressed days. And yet, I would request you to follow this blog to unravel the mysteries of how I accomplished a stress-free mothering state and am on the path of becoming…NIRVANA-MA(Nirvana is a Sanskrit term that means an idyllic state of self where one is realized from suffering and desire. MA is of course, mother)

One thought on “About

  1. Hi lahar..
    Always great to read ur blogs n can identify with almost all. Also looking fwd to read abt Post partum depression (like we discussed that day) as I feel its something v real n less tlkd abt. Would love if u pen ur thoughts abt it.

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